My great-great Aunt's house is covered wall-to-wall in things she has brought back from seventy-something years of travel: zebra and giraffe masks in the stairwell leading to the basement, green and blue china on glass shelves, a brass hookah pipe, Russian nesting dolls. She was born in 1921, went to college, never got married, worked, [...]

One Second a Day: January

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2SWKzF2h6ms&feature=youtu.be Jan 1-5: Liam visited D.C. and we met up with friends, made pasta, went to Smithsonian museums, and treated ourselves to some sushi!Jan 6: back to workJan 7-8: first real D.C. snow was magical but didn't last long...Jan 9: Ailih and I happily on our way to a speak to the YAV board 🙂 [...]

One Second A Day: December

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tsAwHHCXPvU&feature=youtu.be December was a cozy month. The YAV house watched lots of Christmas movies and I successfully made risotto for the first time. I met up with friends, went to the Newseum and won a gingerbread house competition with the YAVs. The YAVs also participated in "The Longest Night," a night in memorial of those [...]


Every Sunday night, the YAV house gathers in our living room with our site coordinator, Blair, for dinner and devotions. This week, while the Netflix "fireplace for your home" burned and crackled on the tv, Blair asked us to go around in a circle and name one thing we felt grateful for. The common thread [...]

Blog for OPW: To Solve the Housing Crisis, We Must Dismantle Systemic Racism

This week, I published my first blog with the Office of Public Witness. Writing a blog for OPW was a bit different than writing for my personal YAV blog, because it was more driven by argument and policy, rather than emotions or reflecting on personal experience. Here's what I wrote (edited by Christian Brooks, Representative [...]

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