Community in a Pandemic

Written for the minute for mission at Trinity Arlington Church The sun sets over Greenville, SC, during an evening walk. One of the core tenants of the YAV program is Intentional Christian Community. This has been hard work this year, even before the pandemic. The YAV house in D.C. is a three bedroom townhouse containing [...]

there will be life after this.

Last night, Liam and I sat in his room and did compline (the Episcopalian version of vespers). We prayed for the aching world. We haven't been doing this every night, but last night the unfairness and cruelty of the pandemic felt like it was crashing down on us. Maybe it was too many visits to [...]


My great-great Aunt's house is covered wall-to-wall in things she has brought back from seventy-something years of travel: zebra and giraffe masks in the stairwell leading to the basement, green and blue china on glass shelves, a brass hookah pipe, Russian nesting dolls. She was born in 1921, went to college, never got married, worked, [...]

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